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Sunday 25th June 2017

10am till 4pm at Barleylands Farm Park, CM11 2UD

Bus Services

Bus Station

Photographers & members of the public must stay on footpaths and official walking routes at all times.
Photographers & members of the public MUST NOT enter any part of the bus station intended for the use of moving buses.

**** Please note that First Essex’s Basildon depot in Cherrydown will not be open to public and no unauthorised person should enter their site  ****

Last year we ran a FREE 15 minute service between the bus station in Basildon town centre and the rally site at Barleylands Farm Park.

We plan to do the same in 2017, but to make things a little more interesting we’re also planning to operate a FREE 30 minute service between the Barleylands rally site and Billericay railway station.

The base timetable is shown below. Basically owners can offer their vehicles up for service on the day and we’ll populate the timetable as required. The FREE feeder services are alluded to in the timetables below - please see the relevant website page (click here) for the full details.

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Would you like to help publicise the rally?

You can help by downloading and displaying the poster!

Click on the image to the right and that’ll lead you to a PDF version of the poster.

If you’d like paper versions, please email me - (details on the contact page)

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